What Are the Symptoms of Advanced Lung Cancer?


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Symptoms of advanced lung cancer include bloody mucus, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath, according to WebMD. As cancer progresses, other symptoms include bone and joint pain, dizziness, memory loss, blood clot, and lumps near the lymph nodes, reports Healthline.

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An advanced cancer is characterized by a serious cough, that not even an inhaler or antibiotics can alleviate, notes Everyday Health. A person suffering from advanced lung cancer experiences shortness of breath with exertion. When the tumor has blocked off an airway, it results in pneumonia, resulting from a buildup of infection behind the blockage. As cancer spreads to other parts, a person may experience swelling of the lymph nodes, swollen fingertips, difficulty swallowing, extreme fatigue and weight loss.

Sometimes lung cancer spreads and strikes a nerve, developing a group of syndromes, explains Healthline. When lung cancer affecting the upper part of the lung strikes a nerve passing from the upper part of the chest to the neck, it results in Horner syndrome. Horner syndrome can lead to severe shoulder and neck pain and other symptoms such as drooping of one eyelid, anhidrosis and smaller pupil size of the pupil in the eye. Paraneoplastic syndrome symptoms affect the cardiovascular system, blood, gastrointestinal tract and muscles.

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