What Are the Symptoms of an Adrenal Tumor?


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Symptoms of an adrenal tumor include high blood pressure, having a low potassium level, excessive perspiration, heart palpitations and diabetes, according to Cancer.net. Other symptoms could include weakness, unexpected weight loss or weight gain and a change in sex drive.

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The American Cancer Society states that around half of the people with adrenal cancer experience symptoms caused by hormones produced by the affected gland. In the other half of people, symptoms occur because the tumor has grown so large it presses against near by organs. Some additional symptoms of the hormones produced by the tumor include excessive growth of facial and body hair, depression or moodiness, easy bruising and entering puberty early in the case of children. When the tumor grows large, it can cause pain around the site or a feeling of fullness.

Treatment is usually best accomplished by combining several treatment options, states Cancer.net. Surgery is one of the more common treatment methods and includes removing not only the adrenal tumor, but also the surrounding tissue. Hormone therapy is often used as well, since the condition is known to cause the body to produce an excess amount of hormones. Chemotherapy uses specialized drugs to destroy the tumor cells. The drugs are delivered through the bloodstream so that they can reach all parts of the body. Finally, doctors may use high-energy X-rays or other particles to destroy cancer cells in a therapy called radiation therapy.

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