What Are the Symptoms of Adrenal Depletion?


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The symptoms of adrenal depletion include trouble getting out of bed, chronic fatigue, and trouble finishing tasks or thinking straight, as stated by WebMD. Other possible symptoms include low blood pressure, body aches and lightheadedness. Some doctors claim that these symptoms can be as a result of other health conditions.

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Also known as adrenal fatigue, adrenal depletion is a term used to refer to symptoms that occur due to a poor functioning adrenal gland. These symptoms tend to appear with people having physical, mental or emotional stress. However, this condition is not a proven medical condition, as stated by WebMD.

The adrenal gland makes hormones including the cortisol hormone, which handles stress. The gland may not produce enough hormones leading to the appearance of the symptoms. Still, there is no sufficient information to substantiate this claim as of 2015.

Some people claim that adrenal depletion is a form of adrenal insufficiency that occurs due to chronic stress. The existing theory states that blood tests are not effective enough to detect a decrease in adrenal function, but the body is. There are certain conditions that affect the function of the adrenal gland including the Addison's disease. This condition makes the adrenal gland produce few hormones.

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