What Are the Symptoms of Adrenal Adenoma?


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The symptoms of adrenal adenoma may include hypertension, abdominal pain, change in sex drive, unexplained weight loss, atypical acne, abdominal stretch marks, weakness, headaches, palpitations, nervousness, low potassium level, immoderate hair growth and panic attacks. It is necessary to understand that these symptoms may be due to another health condition. A medical diagnosis is necessary to confirm the presence of a tumor.

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What Are the Symptoms of Adrenal Adenoma?
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Some people with adrenal adenoma may experience no symptoms, as stated by the American Cancer Society. The adenoma may be accidentally detected when a patient is undergoing a MRI or a CT scan. In some cases, the tumor, if it exists, may lead to a dangerous gush of adrenal gland hormones, which manages stress and control blood pressure. This can trigger the elevation of blood pressure thus posing the risk of hemorrhage, stroke, heart attack or an unexpected death, as stated by Cancer.Net.

An adrenal adenoma can be treated by surgically removing the gland that is causing the adenoma. Some adenomas that cause hormone-related conditions can be managed by use of medications that inhibit the production of hormones. This option is mostly recommended for patients with serious condition that may make difficult for them to undergo a surgical operation, as stated by ACS.

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