What Are Some Symptoms of ADHD in Children?


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Three groups of symptoms characterize attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, states WebMD. Symptoms of inattention include disorganization, lack of focus, and difficulty paying attention to detail. People with ADHD commonly make careless mistakes, struggle to stay on topic, are easily distracted, and have difficulty listening and following social cues. They may be prone to missing appointments and forgetting their lunch or other daily activities.

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Hyperactivity symptoms vary with age but include fidgeting and squirming, getting up frequently to run or walk around, talking excessively, and being overly active. Pre-school-aged children with ADHD might run or climb at inappropriate times and seem to be in constant motion often jumping on furniture. They find it difficult to play quietly and may have trouble taking part in group activities, or listening to a story. School-age children may have the same symptoms but with less frequency, whereas teens and adults can express hyperactivity through a feeling of restlessness and they may have difficulty participating in quiet activities, according to WebMD and the Centers for Disease Control.

The impulsivity group of symptoms associated with ADHD includes impatience, difficulty taking turns, blurting out answers, frequently interrupting others, and starting conversations at inappropriate times. These actions may occur so often that they cause disruptions in work, school, and social settings, reports WebMD.

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