What Are Some Symptoms of ADHD in an Adult?


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Potential warning signs and symptoms of adult ADHD include trouble getting organized with the responsibilities of adulthood, traffic accidents or reckless driving, and poor listening skills due to distractions, according to WebMD. Lateness, restlessness, trouble relaxing and difficulty with starting tasks are also signs of adult ADHD.

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Distracted behavior is a primary warning sign when adults have ADHD, explains WebMD. Distractions that detract from responsibilities at work and home often lead an adult with ADHD to experience difficulty with finishing tasks, especially in noisy or busy environments. Adults with ADHD also tend to zone out during meetings, forget to follow through with household tasks or work responsibilities, and procrastinate when faced with multiple assignments or responsibilities.

Some adults with ADHD may be described as tense or edgy, according to WebMD. The hyperactivity that accompanies ADHD causes restlessness and makes it difficult for the person to relax, even when responsibilities are absent. In some cases, adults with ADHD may have prioritizing issues and put more effort into insignificant tasks instead of big obligations or work deadlines.

Some adults with ADHD may also be prone to angry outbursts and have difficulty controlling emotions, according to WebMD. They may feel as if they become angry quickly and then become distracted and move on from the emotions, often before those involved are able to process angry outbursts.

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