What Are Some Symptoms of ADD in Adults?


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Symptoms of ADD, or attention deficit disorder, in adults may include hyper focus, disorganization, lack of focus, forgetfulness and impulsive behavior, according to Healthline. Adults with ADD may also exhibit emotional problems, a lack of motivation, restlessness and anxiety, and poor self image.

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What Are Some Symptoms of ADD in Adults?
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Although the symptoms of adult ADD vary from one person to another, some individuals may change employers often, struggle with alcohol, tobacco or drug use, and exhibit repeated patterns of relationship problems, explains Healthline. If untreated, ADD in adults can cause difficulties with everyday life activities, both at home and in the workplace. For example, an adult with ADD may experience challenges sitting through workplace meetings, get distracted easily in noisy or busy environments, and forget important tasks and duties that impact and prevent achievements.

Adults with ADD often struggle with focus, ranging from hyper focus moments to an overall lack of focus, according to Healthline. Hyper focus may cause an adult with ADD to become engrossed in an activity, causing the person to lose track of time or ignore others. On the other hand, a lack of focus can cause individuals with ADD to overlook details, stop working on tasks, or cease listening to important directions or conversations.

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