What Are Some Symptoms for Acute Thyroiditis?


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Symptoms of acute thyroiditis include rapid onset of tenderness and pain on one side of the neck, chills, fever and a movable lump on the neck, according to About.com. If a person experiences these symptoms, it is important to see a doctor.

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If a doctor suspects a person has acute thyroiditis, there are a couple of methods to diagnose the condition, explains About.com. Ultrasound or other imaging of the thyroid is one way to diagnose this condition, as it allows the doctor to see the abscesses that need treatment. Fine-needle aspiration is another method of diagnosis, and it involves extracting material or fluid from the thyroid mass to evaluate it for infection. Blood tests to check for infection may also occur with some patients.

There are two main ways to treat acute thyroiditis, claims About.com. One method of treatment is to drain the mass, and the other is to use antibiotics to treat the infection. In many cases, both treatments occur at the same time. If no relief comes from this treatment, surgical removal or drainage may occur.

Most patients who experience acute thyroiditis have compromised immune systems, and it often develops due to another infection, such as strep or staphylococcus, states About.com. Acute thyroiditis is only one form of thyroiditis, and it is often more painful than other forms.

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