What Are Some Symptoms of a 35-Year-Old Woman Starting Menopause?

symptoms-35-year-old-woman-starting-menopause Credit: Daniel Bendjy/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Menopause that begins at age 35 is referred to as perimenopause, with symptoms such as irregular menstrual periods and mood fluctuations, according to Dr. Oz. Additional early menopause symptoms can include hot flashes that may cause heavy sweating and heart palpitations, lapses in memory and anxiety.

Women with early menopause may also experience symptoms such as sleep disturbances, hair loss due to thinning, skin dryness and weight gain, explains Mayo Clinic. While missed periods are common during this phase, pregnancy is still a possibility, so it is always a good idea for sexually active perimenopausal women to take a pregnancy test if they have skipped a cycle.

Additional symptoms that may occur during perimenopause include a decreased sex drive, sore breasts, tiredness and frequent urination, explains WebMD. Women may also experience light urine leakage upon coughing and sneezing. During the early stages of menopause, the female ovaries gradually slow down estrogen production, which leads to fewer eggs being released each month. While most symptoms that occur during this time are considered normal due to hormonal fluctuations, it is important for women to consult with a physician if they experience heavy menstrual bleeding, blood clots or spotting between menstrual periods, as this can indicate the presence of fibroid tumors or cancer.