What Are the Symptoms of the 16th Week of Pregnancy?


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According to the American Pregnancy Association, the symptoms of week 16 of a pregnancy can be increased blood circulation that results in a brighter face. Pregnant women during this stage are producing 50 percent more blood than when not pregnant. As hormones increase, a pregnant woman's face influences oil gland production that results in a shinier, oilier face commonly known as the pregnancy glow.

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What to Expect adds that the increased blood circulation and hormones sometimes cause nasal congestion. The mucous membranes may become swollen, causing congestion throughout the remainder of the pregnancy. Some women during week 16 experience nosebleeds and bleeding gums as a result of the increased blood circulation too. Week 16 marks an increase in symptoms that last throughout the remainder of the pregnancy, such as increased breast size, vaginal discharge and backaches. As the uterus continues to grow, it can cause constipation and varicose veins. The uterus puts pressure on the internal organs and leg veins causing these symptoms, but they can be relieved by drinking extra fluids.

The American Pregnancy Association explains that between 16 and 20 weeks, a woman begins to feel significant movement of the fetus. At first, the movements may feel like gas bubbles, but they then progress to larger movements.

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