What Are the Symptoms of a 13-Week Pregnancy?


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The period that includes the 13th week of pregnancy is known as the honeymoon phase, according to Parenting Magazine. The reason for this is that many of the earlier pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting and erratic emotions, begin to subside. It is also the time when the baby's first movements can be felt.

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In addition to the nausea tapering off, internal and external changes in the stomach area start to become apparent during this period. There may be discomfort due to abdominal aches and pains, which are signs of the growth happening in the uterus. Shortly afterward, at about 16 weeks, the baby begins moving around more, and this can be felt as slight tugging on the stomach, often referred to as "quickening." The baby may also sometimes get hiccups toward the end of this trimester, which might be experienced as little repeated thumps on the abdomen, explains Parenting Magazine.

Another symptom during this trimester of pregnancy is the tendency to get fatigued rather quickly. Simple tasks like walking to the kitchen may cause windedness. The lungs are crowded in by the growth of the uterus, causing a bit of restriction to the air flow. To help with this, simply try doing activities a little more slowly than normal, recommends the magazine.

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