What Does Swelling in Just the Left Foot Mean?


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Swelling of the foot or feet may point to a variety of health conditions that range from fairly minor to a medical emergency, according to Healthline. Often, swelling of the foot is caused by simply standing or sitting too long, osteoarthritis or an injury such as a sprain or fracture.

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What Does Swelling in Just the Left Foot Mean?
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Other fairly common causes of swelling in the foot are infection, tendonitis, being overweight or a blockage in the lymph system, states Healthline. Certain medications, hormones or steroids may also cause swelling. Elevating the feet, reducing salt intake and avoiding garters or clothing that is tight around the thigh area may help reduce swelling. Support stockings are also useful in reducing swelling for some people.

While swelling of the foot doesn't normally indicate a major health issue, it is vital to see a physician to rule out any potentially serious underlying cause, states Healthline. Signs of a medical emergency include dizziness, pain or tightness in the chest and trouble breathing. While not a medical emergency, symptoms such as the foot feeling warm to the touch, appearing red in color, swelling or little to no improvement with at-home care do warrant a visit to the doctor's office. Possible tests include X-rays, blood tests, urine tests or an ECG to monitor the heart.

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