Does Sweet 'N Low Cause Health Problems?


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Sweet N' Low, which contains saccharin, is not known to cause health problems in humans, according to WebMD. While saccharin is linked to bladder cancer in animal testing, the Food and Drug Administration suggests that over 30 studies show these test results are not pertinent to humans.

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Human epidemiology or studies of patterns, causes and control of diseases in human beings does not provide dependable evidence that associates saccharin with bladder cancer, explains the National Cancer Institute. The bladder tumors that develop in rats occur due to a mechanism that is not found in humans, causing saccharin to be delisted as a known carcinogen or cancer-causing agent. As of 2015, there is no warning label on foods or beverages containing saccharin in the United States.

Sugar substitutes are used instead sucrose or table sugar to sweeten foods and beverages, states the National Cancer Institute. Artificial sweeteners are much sweeter than table sugar, and less is needed to create a sweet taste. The Food and Drug Administration approves and regulates food additives, including artificial sweeteners that are consumed in the United States. However, foods or other products that are recognized as safe do not require approval from the FDA when marketed.

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