Why Do I Sweat so Much During Exercise?


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A natural function of the body, sweating during exercise occurs because the body's temperature rises and stimulates its 2 to 7 million sweat glands. According to Shape, sweating is a neurological response to cool the body off by transporting the heat in the body to the skin's surface. Bodies have physiological variations, and some people may sweat more or less during exercise than others.

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Why Do I Sweat so Much During Exercise?
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Using deodorant to control body odor, or antiperspirant to block sweat ducts and prevent perspiration are good ways to avoid social discomfort during and after workouts, according to Seventeen. Drinking lots of water and wearing the right outfit during workouts can also help reduce sweating. Using baby powder can help prevent skin irritation caused by perspiration.

Sweating can arise as a stress response. Choices of food, drinks and even medicine may also lead to sweating. A person who is sweating profusely might be suffering from a serious medical condition such as primary hyperhidrosis or secondary hyperhidrosis. In this situation, it's best to see a doctor for a medical check-up and advice.

According to WebMD, primary hyperhidrosis may be hereditary, but it can also be caused by menopause, infectious disease, hyperthyroidism and some cancers. Secondary hyperhidrosis is sometimes caused by obesity. In extreme cases, surgical intervention is a treatment option for people who sweat excessively.

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