What Are the Survival Rates for Gleason 7 Rated Tumors?


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A Gleason score of 7 indicates a medium-grade prostate tumor with a greater likelihood of spreading than low-grade tumors, which can decrease survival rates, notes the American Society of Clinical Oncology. When reporting survival rates, prostate cancer has two groups, local and distant, based on the tumor's spread, explains WebMD.

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Physicians combine the Gleason score with stage information to plan treatment, explains the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Prostate tumors receive Gleason scores during diagnosis that range from 6 to 10 based on how healthy or aggressive they look on the pathologist's report. As of 2016, a doctor typically doesn't use a score lower than 6 not found on a biopsy. Most patients with localized prostate cancer survive more than five years, while approximately 33 percent of those with distant tumors survive more than five years, according to WebMD.

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