What Is the Survival Rate From Sarcoma Cancer?


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The five-year relative survival rate is 83 percent for those with localized sarcomas, 54 percent for those with regional stage sarcomas, and 16 percent for those with sarcomas with a distant spread, according to the American Cancer Society. The 10-year survival rate is slightly worse than the five-year rate.

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The survival rate for those with soft tissue sarcoma is better when localized to the arms and legs, explains the American Cancer Society. The five-year observed survival rate for sarcomas in the arms and legs is 90 percent when treated at Stage I; 81 percent when treated at Stage II; and 56 percent when treated at Stage III. For purposes of calculating survival statistics, the five-year observed survival rate refers to the absolute number of individuals diagnosed with sarcoma who die within five years, while the relative survival rate assumes that some patients died from causes unrelated to their sarcoma.

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