What Is the Survival Rate for People With Cirrhosis of the Liver?


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Five-year survival rates are about 85 percent for people with cirrhosis of the liver, states Scott & White Healthcare. The five-year rate is about 60 percent or less for alcoholics who keep drinking. Cirrhosis patients with hepatitis B or C have a five-year rate of approximately 71 to 85 percent.

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About 67 percent of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis never experience symptoms and have a normal life span. It is possible for patients to live for decades with few cirrhosis-related problems, notes Scott & White Healthcare. However, the average survival times decline when jaundice and other liver damage symptoms appear. A study of female patients with primary biliary cirrhosis revealed that over an 11-year time span, about 36 percent displayed symptoms, and about 11 percent either needed liver transplants or died.

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