What Is the Survival Rate for Pancreatic Cancer Patients?


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The percentage of patients who live for more than five years after a pancreatic cancer diagnosis is 1 to 14 percent. The five-year survival rate depends on the stage of cancer at diagnosis, according to the American Cancer Society.

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Patients diagnosed with stage 1 pancreatic cancer, where the tumor is only in the pancreas and the lymph nodes are cancer-free, have a 12 to 14 percent five-year survival rate, states the American Cancer Society. A 5 to 7 percent five-year survival rate is given to those diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer, where the tumor has spread outside the pancreas but not into the lymph nodes. A stage 3 diagnosis has a 3 percent five-year survival rate, while a stage 4 diagnosis has a 1 percent five-year survival rate.

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