What Is the Survival Rate for Oral Cancers?


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Five-year survival rates for localized cancer of the lip in 2015 is 93 percent, while the rate falls to 78 percent for cancer of the tongue and 75 percent for cancer of the floor of the mouth, reports the American Cancer Society. Regional- and distant-stage oral cancer rates are lower.

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Regional cancer has spread to nearby tissue or lymph nodes, notes the American Cancer Society, while distant cancer has spread to distant areas. Regional-stage cancer of the lip has a five-year survival rate of 48 percent, while cancer of the tongue has a 63 percent rate, and cancer of the floor of the mouth has a 38 percent rate. At its distant stage, oral cancer has an even worse prognosis. The survival rate at the five-year mark for lip cancer is 52 percent, for tongue cancer it is 36 percent, and for floor of the mouth it is 20 percent.

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