What Is the Survival Rate for Neuroendocrine Carcinoma?


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The five-year survival rate for neuroendocrine carcinoma varies from as low as 14 percent up to 90 percent, based on different factors, notes Cancer.net. A neuroendocrine carcinoma, malignant tumor, develops from cells that release hormones, according to National Cancer Institute. Examples include carcinoid tumors, small-cell lung cancer and pheochromocytomas.

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One type of neuroendocrine carcinoma is gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor, which is found in organs such as the stomach, colon, appendix and duodenum. Examples of five-year survival rates for these tumors range from 14 percent for distant stage colon tumors to 90 percent for localized rectal tumors, notes American Cancer Society. Other five-year survival rates include 73 percent for localized stomach tumors, 55 percent for regional duodenum tumors and 25 percent for distant carcinoid tumors of the appendix.

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