What Are Some Surprisingly High-Calorie Foods?


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Some surprisingly high calorie foods include muffins, soybeans and sushi. A medium-sized muffin has an average of 300 calories, while a medium-sized cupcake has 200 calories. Soybeans are also high in calories at about 300 calories for a cup of them, while a 3.5-ounce steak has just 200 calories. A sushi roll has fewer calories than a slice of cheese pizza, which is also 300 calories.

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In terms of soup, the highest calorie options are usually cream-based, such as clam chowder, broccoli cheese and creamy butternut squash. Muffins, coffee cake, pies and donuts are among the sweets with the highest amount of calories. Chocolate chip and banana nut muffins are the highest caloric muffins, while even a small package of cinnamon streusel coffee cake can be more than 300 calories.

As far as salty snacks are concerned, potato chips and cheese crackers have the most calories. People watching their calorie intake should also be careful about sausage and other cured meats, including hot dogs. Frozen foods, including desserts and frozen breakfast items can also have a high calorie count. Extras like mayonnaise, avocado, oil, butter and margarine quickly increase the calorie count of different types of foods. The same goes for anything with cream or dairy.

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