What Is the Surgical Process for Morton's Neuroma?


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During Morton's neuroma surgery, the doctor gives the patient local anesthesia around the site of the neuroma, according to PodiatryNetwork. The patient can also receive intravenous sedation. After this, the doctor makes an incision at the top of the patient's foot near the neuroma.

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The doctor then finds the neuroma and cuts it out, explains PodiatryNetwork. She then sutures the surgical wound and applies a gauze dressing. The doctor does not remove this dressing until the follow-up visit, at which point the doctor then inspects the surgical wound to check that all is well and applies a new dressing. Removal of stitches occurs about two weeks after surgery.

While the patient heals, he must keep his foot dry and try to keep it elevated above the level of his heart as much as he can, notes PodiatryNetwork. He also needs to avoid strenuous activity and wears a special shoe whenever he walks. He should not walk without this shoe. It may take about three weeks after the surgery for the patient to comfortably wear a roomy if otherwise regular walking shoe.

The amount of time the patient needs to take off from work depends on what sort of work he does, reports PodiatryNetwork. If his job involves hard physical labor, he can be away from work for as long as a month and a half.

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