What Are Some Surgery Options for Herniated Lumbar Discs?


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A lumbar microdiskectomy is the most common surgery option for a herniated lumbar disk, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Other surgical options for treating herniated lumbar discs include a discectomy, artificial disk surgery, and laminotomy or laminectomy, notes Healthline.

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A microdiskectomy involves the removal of the herniated portion of a vertabral disk that presses against a spinal nerve. The results of a microdiskectomy are generally positive, with leg pain improvement often being the most reliable outcome, explains AAOS.

Doctors perform artificial disk surgeries on patients who suffer from only one herniated disk in the lower back. It involves surgically replacing the damaged disk with an artificial one made of plastic and metal, reports Healthline.

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