Is There a Surgery to Become a Virgin Again?

Hymenoplasty surgery is the medical procedure for women to restore their virginity. Once virginity is lost, it cannot be restored in the literal sense; a physical simulation of it can only be attained through reconstructive surgery. The surgery repairs the hymen, which is a fold of thin, fleshy tissue that covers the opening of the vagina, which has been torn as a result of sexual intercourse or vigorous exercise, among other reasons.

The surgery has also been called "hymen restoration" and "virginity repair" and is performed in several countries. In 2010, it was an especially popular medical procedure among women in their 20s in China.

Regarding costs, in 2008, some women admitted to paying as much as $5,200 to have their ruptured hymens reattached in private French clinics, while other women said they went to places such as Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, where the procedure has become very common; the cost at the time was only about $300. In 2010, it cost about $2,500 to have the surgery performed, and in China it could be done for as little as under $750 for a typical 20- to 30-minute surgery. The procedure isn't covered by insurance, because it's considered an elective surgery.