What Surgeries Treat Atrial Fibrillation?


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Surgeries for atrial fibrillation include catheter ablation surgery and MAZE surgery, according to Healthline. These surgeries are only necessary if a patient has severe atrial fibrillation that has failed to respond to other treatment options, including medications and lifestyle changes. The surgeries help to restore a normal heartbeat.

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Catheter ablation surgery involves scarring the affected cardiac tissue using radio waves generated from electrode-fitted catheter, notes Healthline. This hinders the passage of electrical impulses through the tissue, hence restoring a normal heartbeat. Though useful, catheter ablation surgery may cause bleeding and bruising.

MAZE surgery is appropriate when a patient is undergoing another surgical procedure for another heart condition, explains Healthline. It involves cutting and sewing together various incisions in the heart to create a scar, which hinders the passage of the impulses. This procedure is risky as it may result in stroke and failure of important organs, such as the kidney.

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