How Do I Get a Surfer Body?


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According to Men's Fitness, getting a surfer body requires integrating stability, power and core training. These routines differ from traditional strength training because they prepare a person for balancing on moving waves.

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Men's Fitness claims that the following routine can help someone develop a surfer body within one month's time. The exercises focus on the upper and lower body and can be completed with only two dumbbells and a Swiss ball, making the routine itself easily portable. Men's Fitness recommends completing this workout two to three times a week for 30 minutes at a time, leaving at least one day of rest between workouts.

Complete two to three circuits of the following exercises, doing eight to 12 reps at a time, notes Men's Fitness. The first exercise is an overhead walking lunge that involves holding dumbbells overhead and then lunging forward, alternating knees used for the lunge. The second exercise is a dumbbell push-up, which involves doing a push-up on dumbbells and then rotating the body 90 degrees and lifting a weight overhead, alternating sides. The third exercise is a Swiss ball dumbbell row involving holding a weight in one hand and the ball on the ground, bending and rowing the dumbbell on alternate sides for different reps. The fourth exercise is alternating overhead presses of the dumbbells.

The fifth exercise is a Swiss ball dumbbell rotation that involves holding a dumbbell in each hand and rotating the torso while lying on the ball. The sixth exercise is alternating single leg squats. The seventh is clap push-ups, which involve pushing up with enough force to clap before doing the next push-up. The eighth exercise involves lying face down on the ground and practicing the breaststroke. The ninth exercise involves holding a dumbbell overhead while lying down and then getting up as quickly as possible. The 10th exercise involves kneeling on the Swiss ball with dumbbells balanced on the shoulders. Attempt to lift the weights up while balancing. The final Men's Fitness workout is to rest shins on the Swiss ball and then draw knees to the chest in a jackknifing motion.

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