What Is Supraspinatus Tendinitis?


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Supraspinatus tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendon of the supraspinatus muscle, explains Physiopedia. The main cause of this injury is overuse, especially by people in occupations and sports that require the arm to be elevated repeatedly, states Drugs.com.

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People at risk of supraspinatus tendinitis include carpenters, swimmers, baseball players and tennis players, according to Drugs.com. It mostly affects the dominant hand; right-handed people often experience supraspinatus tendinitis in the right shoulder. The average supraspinatus tendinitis patient is a male laborer over the age of 40. It is also quite common in diabetics, according to Physiopedia.

Symptoms of supraspinatus tendinitis and rotary cuff tendinitis include pain when raising or lowering the hand, pain when reaching behind the back, and loss of mobility and strength in the affected arm, explains Healthline. The pain may radiate to the lateral upper arm, states Physiopedia. Patients complain of difficulty with dressing and nocturnal pain.

Treatment options for supraspinatus tendinitis include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroid injections, physical therapy and surgery, advises Physiopedia. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help to control pain in the shoulder. Corticosteroid injections reduce inflammation and pain, according to Healthline. Physical therapy aims to reduce pain and strengthen the supraspinatus muscle. Surgery repairs damaged tissues and helps the patient to recover fully.

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