What Is a Suprarenal Complex Cystic Mass of the Liver?


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A suprarenal complex cystic mass of the liver is an abnormal growth in the liver consisting of cystic material of adrenal origin. One adrenal, or suprarenal, gland is located at the top of each kidney, and a complex cyst is a fluid-filled mass of many sections, according to HealthTap.

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While rare, it is possible for the fibrous material encapsulating the adrenal gland to join together with the capsule of the liver, notes Cases Journal. In this case, radiological distinction between the organs is made impossible. This means that while a cyst originated in the adrenal gland, it could be seen as existing in the liver or occasionally in the kidney.

Although they usually present without symptoms and are benign, it is wise to have a CT scan done on an adrenal gland cyst to discover its texture, size, location and vascular supply, notes HealthTap. An imaging tool that is often employed to further examine the nature of a cyst is the MRI.

Although usually nonproblematic, several factors may suggest surgery for an adrenal cyst. These include the cyst's size, particularly those 6 centimeters or larger in diameter; cysts that produce too much hormone; or cysts that present from imaging studies as being suspicious for being malignancy, according to Cases Journal.

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