What Are Some Supplements Used to Increase Height?


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Peak Height is a vitamin supplement that claims to cause an increase in the height of young people, according to its website. Its chief ingredients include vitamins D3 and B12 and zinc. Other supplements that claim to offer increases in height include HeightGrowth Plus and Growth-FlexV.

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Peak Height offers noticeable height increases in users whose growth plates are still open, meaning that its likely maximum age of effectiveness is 23, explains the company's website.

HeightGrowth Plus claims to be able to increase height in users up to and even past age 35. The company's expectation of a 2-inch to 6-inch increase in height comes with a money-back guarantee, notes HeightGrowth.com.

Growth-FlexV offers up to 2.5 inches of growth, in addition to a money-back guarantee, according to the supplement's official website.

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