What Supplements Should You Take to Build Muscle?


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Some of the best supplements to build muscle include whey protein, glutamine, and branch-chain amino acids, according to BodyBuilding.com. Beta alanine and creatine are also good supplements that help to build muscle.

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Whey protein supplements provide a large concentration of protein, calcium, magnesium and other minerals in a form that is easy to consume and digest. It is an excellent source of nutrition for bodybuilders who are lactose intolerant because it usually consists of a combination of soy, egg and calcium caseinate protein. Whey supplements are natural appetite suppressants and can be used as a snack between meals or as a meal replacement, according to BodyBuilding.com. A glutamine supplement can slow down muscle breakdown during exercise, resulting in greater endurance and strength. Glutamine also boosts the immune system and increases the levels of growth hormone in the body.

Three amino acids out of the 21 present in the body are called branch-chained amino acids, or BCAA. The three are leucine, isoleucine and valine, and they combine to constitute about 30 percent of the muscle mass in the body. BCAA supplements help worn out muscles recover the amino acids that are burned off during a workout and also help to reduce pain due to muscle fatigue.

Beta alanine, or BA, supplements increase the level of carnosine in the muscles. This is essential to reduce the high levels of hydrogen in the body after a workout and counteract the resulting drop in pH levels. Low pH levels cause increased acidity that can lead to fatigue and reduced muscle performance. Carnosine produced by BA supplements combats this by delaying the production of hydrogen. Creatine occurs naturally in the body, and about 95 percent is found around the tissue of the skeletal muscles. In supplement form, creatine monohydrate enables energy production at the cellular level and promotes the building of lean muscle.

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