Why Does Sugar Make My Teeth Hurt?


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The most common causes of dental sensitivity to sugar are consuming too much food high in acid and brushing teeth too hard, notes Crest Pro-Health. Both habits corrode tooth enamel, leaving the inner layer of the tooth exposed. Sugar and other irritants reach the tooth's nerve center, causing discomfort.

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Eating too much sugar also causes sensitivity over time, as oral bacteria enjoy sugar and produce acids that damage enamel. People who don't brush their teeth regularly are particularly susceptible to this issue. Saliva washes away these bacteria and food debris in the mouth, keeping the oral acid at a safe level. Heartburn, acid reflux or GERD all send acid back up into the mouth from the stomach, raising the probability of corrosion. People who suffer from bulimia, binge drinking and alcoholism have to vomit frequently, soaking the teeth in acid, reports WebMD.

Treatments for damage to tooth enamel include bonding or covering the affected teeth or placing a crown on top to keep more damage from happening. For those who still don't have enough damage for those remedies, preventive measures include cutting down on acidic foods and drinks, rinsing the mouth with water after consuming acidic food, drinking juices and sodas with a straw so they don't touch the teeth, and seeking treatment for conditions that cause acid reflux from the stomach, notes WebMD.

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