How Does the Sugar Buster Diet Meal Plan Work?


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The Sugar Busters meal plan works by removing refined sources of sugars from users' diets, replacing them with high-fiber vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and good fats. Foods that should not be eaten on this plan include most white starches, corn, beets, soda, candy, baked goods and refined sugar.

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The diet works by omitting foods that have a high glycaemic index, or foods that convert to simple sugars quickly. Some carbohydrates are still permitted on this plan, and whole grains are particularly encouraged since they are low on the GI scale, filling and nutritious.

Despite the fact that it is quite high on the GI scale, alcohol, in moderation, is allowed on this plan, particularly red wine. There is no need to count calories or weigh food portions when following the Sugar Buster diet, making the plan easier to follow when dieters are out and about.

Despite the fact that the major focus of the diet is on low-GI foods, some processed foods that are technically low on the GI scale are not recommended because they contain some refined sugar. Avoiding refined sugar, even if it's a minor ingredient, is important in order to break bad eating habits and food addictions.

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