What Are Some Successful Activities for Dementia Patients?


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Successful activities for dementia patients are simple, failure-free and are meaningful to the individual, suggests the AARP. These activities can include games, housework, and other tasks and activities that help to improve their quality of life.

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For many patients, activities related to work that they used to do or activities that they enjoy can be more meaningful to them than busy work. It is important to assess what a person with dementia can do in order to prevent them from becoming frustrated because they do not understand or cannot complete a task, states the AARP.

Some activities that dementia patients can enjoy include basic cooking tasks such as making fruit salad, crafting items out of clay, making books with cut out pictures or stickers, or gently tossing or throwing a ball with others, suggests Dementia Today. Patients may also enjoy light exercise, performing self-care tasks, or undertaking manageable cleaning activities such as folding clothes or sweeping.

A few things that caregivers can keep in mind include scheduling activities during the time of day that is best for the patient, giving instructions in a positive manner, not attempting to correct the patient if they perform the task incorrectly, and having alternative activities prepared if they are uninterested or unable to complete the planned activity, suggests the AARP.

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