Is There a Substitute for Liquid Glucose?

substitute-liquid-glucose Credit: Nacivet/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

An equal amount of light corn syrup or golden syrup substitutes for liquid glucose, according to Stephanie Jaworski for Liquid glucose is a combination of powdered glucose and water to form a syrupy liquid.

Glucose is a molecule that combines with fructose to make sucrose or table sugar. According to the BBC, powdered glucose or dextrose is growing in popularity with some athletes. Corporate lawyer David Gillespie encourages athletes to reduce fructose intake and increase glucose in their diet. Glucose, specifically d-glucose or dextrose, is the same sugar found in human blood. It provides fuel for cells. Gillespie recommends replacing table sugar with dextrose, claiming the body is better prepared for digesting dextrose. However, glucose has a high glycemic index and raises the blood sugar levels almost immediately. Making a substitution for liquid glucose has the potential to eliminate the claimed benefits.