What Are Substance Abuse Worksheets?


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Substance abuse worksheets are tools designed to help a person in therapy stay on track with their recovery. These worksheets, like those found on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website, involve a variety of questions that help identify unhealthy patterns and set new healthy ones, notes the NCBI website.

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Substance abuse worksheets are most commonly found within cognitive-behavioral therapy situations. They are designed to be answered by an individual; however, group therapy participants might talk about their answers as a means to understand and support one another. In both situations (individual or group therapy), information shared is completely confidential. Some questions often found on these worksheets might include "How are you feeling today?" "Are you in a situation that causes you to think about stimulants?" "What steps will you take to overcome them?" as can be found on sample sheets on the NCBI and TherapistAid websites. Other questions might involve selecting feelings from a chart or outlining your daily or weekly schedule.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on the relationships between thoughts, feelings and actions. As PsychologyTools says, CBT is guided by scientific principles and logic to help reshape how a person thinks in order to develop healthy coping mechanisms. By doing worksheets, people can better identify problems and how to handle them in a healthy way. Many worksheets have applied learning problems with fictional scenarios that can help patients plan for success.

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