What Are Some Substance Abuse Statistics As of 2015?


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As of 2015, the overall economic burden of substance abuse was 700 billion, according to Drug Abuse. Approximately 39 percent of high school seniors reported drinking alcohol in late 2015, the Office of Adolescent Health reported. Out of 148 countries reporting injected drug abuse, 120 highlighted HIV incidences, states the World Health Organization.

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Due to a combination of crime, illness and lost work productivity, tobacco costs the economy $295 billion, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports. Alcohol costs $224 billion, whereas illicit drugs cost $193 billion.

Around 23 percent of high school seniors reported smoking marijuana in late 2015 and 16 percent reported smoking cigarettes, the Office of Adolescent Health reported. More than one in five reported daily binge drinking, with genetic factors and lifestyle stressors influencing their activities. While many high school seniors reported engaging in illicit drug use sporadically, few did so regularly.

Globally, 3.3 million deaths occur each year because of alcohol abuse, reports the World Health Organization. Each year, the average person aged over 15 drinks 6.6 liters of pure alcohol on average, and as only 38.3 percent of people aged 15 or over consume alcohol, this figure equates to 17 liters per year for those drinking alcohol. Around 15.3 million people suffer from a drug abuse disorder, and around 0.7 percent of the global burden of disease arises due to cocaine and opioid use. The social cost of psychoactive substances in most countries is around 2 percent of GDP.

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