Is a Stye Infection in the Eye a Painful Condition?


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Pain, redness and tenderness usually accompany a sty in the eyelid, and patients often experience discomfort when blinking the eye, according to MedicineNet. Patients can reduce pain and encourage draining by applying warm compresses, such as disposable hot packs or tea bags, to the sty.

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Is a Stye Infection in the Eye a Painful Condition?
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A sty forms when a gland in the eyelid is blocked, explains MedicineNet. This can occur when a foreign substance, such as eye makeup or dust, enters the eye. Scar tissue can also block the gland.

There are two types of styes: hordeolum and chalazion, reports MedicineNet. When a sweat or oil gland is blocked, a hordeolum forms, and a chalazion is the result of a blocked meibomian gland. Most noninfected styes resolve on their own, but steroids can be used to heal a sty more quickly.

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