How Do You Study Dental Terminology?


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To study dental terminology, use flashcards by writing down the term on one side of the flashcard and the definition on the other side, testing yourself by either following the term or the definition. You can also do this on websites such as cram.com and quizlet.com, which have dental terminology flashcards ready for dental students. You can also study the terms themselves by simply memorizing the definition of each term and testing yourself on how many terms you know.

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Some of the terms necessary to memorize include abrasion, which is a loss of structure caused by poor brushing technique; bruxism, or the use of a hard toothbrush; and abscess, which is an infection in the bone, soft tissue or tooth itself.

Other terms include adhesive dentistry, which is a modern term used to describe dental restoration procedures that involve bondings with composite resins or fillings; and anesthesia, which is a partial or entire elimination of the pain sensation by numbing through the use of an anesthetic agent, such as general anesthesia or local anesthesia.

Primary dentition is another important term to remember, as it describes the first set of teeth that humans grow, which are otherwise known as the 20 baby teeth.

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