How Do You Get Stronger Abs?

Improving the strength of your abdominal muscles requires using the muscles in more challenging exercises over time. Many abdominal exercises can be done without any outside equipment, although some weight machines facilitate abdominal muscle strengthening by helping you isolate your muscles.

  1. Warm-up the muscles

    Before beginning an abdominal muscle workout, warm up your muscles through exercises like the cat-camel. In the cat-camel, tighten your stomach muscles while on all fours. Hold the pose for between 10 to 15 seconds. Next, arch your lower back and stretch through your back and stomach muscles.

  2. Try crunches with a stability ball

    While regular crunches are helpful in exercising the abdominal muscles, a more intensive workout uses a stability ball to force the muscles to work harder. Use your abdominal muscles to elevate your upper body at a 45-degree angle. Hold it for a few seconds. Repeat the crunches between eight to 12 times per set.

  3. Hold a front plank

    A front plank uses your abdominal muscles to raise your entire body from the floor, supporting it only with your toes and palms. Keep your back flat during each plank. Hold each pose for at least 10 seconds, building up to a goal of a minute.