What Are Some Strict Diet Plans?


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Prominent strict diets include the raw-food, low-glycemic, vegan, ketogenic and macrobiotic plans. People follow strict diets for weight loss, ethical reasons or certain health conditions. These diets follow specific guidelines to achieve intended purposes.

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What Are Some Strict Diet Plans?
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People follow strict diets either because they need or want to. Raw-food diet enthusiasts choose to eat only uncooked meals and snacks for the purposes of weight loss, high nutrient absorption and resistance to illness and disease. Those who choose this diet may consume raw foods for one or more of the benefits it provides.

People with diabetes often follow a low-glycemic diet, which consists of food that contains little or no sugar to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. The vegan diet is generally followed for ethical, environmental or health reasons. A vegan's diet consists of vegetables and no meat or animal by-products. They do not eat dairy foods, eggs or anything that comes from an animal. Beans, nuts, tofu and soy give them the protein their bodies require for good health.

The purpose of the ketogenic diet is to control seizures associated with epilepsy. It consists of high-fat foods and limited carbohydrates to stimulate a high ketogenic metabolism. A macrobiotic diet consists of brown rice, beans and sea vegetables. Consuming these specific foods are only a part of the diet. In addition, macrobiotic dieters use holistic practices, meditation and positive thinking to improve their health or lose weight.

Every strict diet has certain requirements, and individuals should always consult a doctor before beginning a plan. This ensures that all nutrition requirements are met and that certain eating practices do not affect health conditions.

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