Is Stretching Recommended for Arthritic Knees?


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Light exercise and stretching can assist in relieving symptoms of arthritic knees, according to Healthline. These actions help the knee joint maintain its full range of motion and strengthen supporting muscles. Stronger muscles also allow the knee to absorb shock from daily activities better.

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Is Stretching Recommended for Arthritic Knees?
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Walking and other low-impact exercises are recommended for those with arthritic knees, states Healthline. After exercising, it is best to perform stretching techniques, such as the leg raise, the half-squat and the hamstring stretch. These prevent the muscles surrounding the knee joint from tightening and causing discomfort. To perform the leg raise, the individual lies on his back maintaining a straight spine and slowly lifts each leg up several inches above the ground. While a leg is up, he holds it straight for a period of five seconds before slowly lowering it and alternating to the other leg.

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