Why Does Stretching Feel so Good?

Stretching feels good for two reasons - it begins fresh blood circulation and breaks tension crossbridges in the muscles, reports the Sun Sentinel newspaper. Muscles that are not stretched or that stay in one rigid place for a long period of time will feel stiff, sore, tight and pained.

Muscles that are not moving start to build up waste products in the blood, which takes blood circulation to a low. Stretching will move the blood and re-distribute the waste products, which feels good.

The muscle fibers that are created when muscles contract remain, partially, once the muscles have relaxed. This is what creates tense muscles. Stretching breaks the crossbridges, which provides people with a greater range of motion and an overall relaxed and loose feeling.

Apart from feeling good, stretching is also good for the body as it builds confidence, less chronic pain and good posture, says Shape magazine. These results are primarily attributed to the blood circulation because it leads to a more oxygenated brain.

WebMD states that doctors recommend stretching muscles for 60 seconds per exercise and recommend stretching at least twice per week regardless of fitness training. For people who sit all day at work, the muscles that deal with posture should be stretched on a daily basis.