What Are Some Stretching Exercises to Relieve TMJ Jaw Pain?


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A few stretches to relieve temporomandibular jaw pain include protrusion, retrusion, deviation and opening, as listed by Discovery Dental Centre. Patients should speak with their doctor or dentist before trying any stretches or exercises for TMJ jaw pain.

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For protrusion, the patient begins with the jaw relaxed, the tongue behind the front teeth, and the lower and upper teeth slightly apart, as instructed by Discovery Dental Centre. He then exhales while sticking the jaw outward, holds the position for several seconds, and brings the jaw back to the starting position. Patients should repeat this exercise 10 times. For retrusion, the patient starts with the jaw in the same position, but this time he rests the tongue on the floor of the mouth and draws the jaw back, holding for several seconds and repeating 10 times.

Deviation involves moving the jaw left or right as far as possible with the tongue on the floor of the mouth and teeth slightly apart, according to Discovery Dental Centre. After bringing the jaw back to the resting position, the patient should complete a total of 10 repetitions before completing the process in the other direction. For the last stretch, the patient places the tongue behind the front teeth and places fingers on the corners of the jaw to tell when it unhinges. He then opens the jaw as wide as possible, deviating the jaw until it aligns.

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