How Do You Stretch Your Psoas Muscles?


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To stretch your psoas muscle, stand up straight with your chest lifted and your shoulders back, tuck your pelvic region back and under, and hold for 10 to 20 seconds, according to Healthline. Another way to stretch the psoas muscle is to lie on your back with your knees bent and your arms on the floor, lift your pelvic region off the ground, and hold it up for five to 10 seconds, repeating the movement a few times.

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A third stretch for the psoas muscle, starts with the left knee on the ground and the right knee up with the right foot forward on the ground, reports Healthline. Inhale, and then press the left hip forward while exhaling. During the next inhale, swing the left arm into the air, turn toward it slightly, and lean the body slightly to the right using the right hand for balance as necessary. Repeat this stretch on the other side to work both psoas muscles.

The psoas muscle connects the lower back to the upper thigh in the pelvic region, states Healthline. Use of the muscle occurs during regular daily activities, such as walking, sitting and navigating stairs, as well as during sport activities. Tightness in the muscle sometimes causes pain, and properly stretching it helps relieve or prevent the issue.

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