Why Do Stretch Marks Itch?

The most common cause for itchy stretch marks is dry skin that isn't adequately moisturized, according to WebMD. Stretch marks can also itch due to polymorphic eruption of pregnancy, which manifests as a rash of small red bumps or blisters along the stretch marks, as explained by BabyCentre.

Women with itchy stretch marks should treat the irritation by applying a rich moisturizer immediately after bathing and before the skin has time to fully dry, as advised by WebMD. Hot showers, chlorinated water, and soaps or lotions containing alcohol can dry the skin out and exacerbate a woman's itching problem. Home humidifiers are recommended for women who live in very dry climates. If these treatments do not improve the condition, WebMD urges women to consult a doctor to assess accompanying symptoms and provide a diagnosis.

Women who suffer with PEP may experience itching on other areas of their bodies, such as the breasts, thighs, arms and back, according to BabyCentre. The rash can develop during and after pregnancy, and women should resist scratching because blisters may leak fluid and develop into crusty scabs. PEP occurs more commonly among women who are pregnant for the first time or are carrying twins due to the excessive stretching of the abdominal skin, according to BabyCentre.