What Are Some Stress-Relief Techniques?


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Stress-relief techniques include exercise, relaxation techniques, enjoyable activities, expressing feelings and being present, according to WebMD. The purpose of stress-relief activities is to relax the mind and body to cope better with the stress. Trying different techniques helps find the strategies that work best for the individual.

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What Are Some Stress-Relief Techniques?
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Exercise works well as a stress reliever because it increases endorphins that produce a feeling of well-being, notes Mayo Clinic. Movement also helps refocus the mind. Any physical activity works to help beat stress, including walking, running, swimming or biking. Yoga is a physical activity option that incorporates additional relaxation techniques, such as breathing and mindfulness.

Being mindful and present in the moment helps relax the mind and refocus, states WebMD. Meditation and guided imagery are two practices that create a calming effect. Meditation in particular focuses on breathing and controlling thoughts to reduce stress.

During stressful times, people often feel too busy to participate in hobbies or favorite activities. Taking a break from the stress to do a hobby, volunteer, create art, or otherwise do something enjoyable may increase relaxation, according to WebMD. The specific activity depends on the preferences and interests of the individual.

Reaching out to others provides a distraction and taps into a support network, says Mayo Clinic. Instead of withdrawing, an individual may feel better by meeting up with a friend, calling someone, or participating in a social event.

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