What Are Some Strengthening Exercises to Improve Posture?


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Exercises that strengthen the core muscles, such as leg swings, help improve posture, according to WebMD. One-leg balance and one-legged squats are excellent for practicing balance and stability. Movements such as flexing, extending and rotating are dependent on the core muscles and are developed through slow, deliberate abdominal engagement.

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To perform one-legged squats, a person stands with feet hip-width apart and one foot extending forward while pushing the hips back, explains WebMD. The arms reach forward to assist with balance as the torso descends, then push back up to a standing position. Leg swings begin by standing on one leg while raising the other leg 3 to 6 inches off the floor. The torso stays erect, and the arms remain at the sides while the leg swings forward and backward, touching the floor lightly for balance if needed.

Core muscles include the muscles in the lower back and abdominals, which connect to and stabilize the spine and pelvis, notes WebMD. Practicing activating, or tightening, the abdominal muscles during exercise helps prevent injury.

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