How Do You Strengthen the Immune System?


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It is possible to boost immunity by adopting healthy living strategies, such as exercising, eating a balanced diet, getting adequate sleep and stopping smoking, according to Harvard Medical School. While many products claim to boost immunity, the medical school encourages viewing them with skepticism.

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Exercise helps the body to fight off many different types of infections, according to MedlinePlus. One theory is that exercise flushes bacteria and viruses from the lungs. Another is that the increase in heart rate pumps white blood cells through the body more quickly, allowing them to find and attack disease before it begins to grow. No matter the reason, bicycling, walking or working out at the gym are likely to increase a person's immunity.

Improving immunity is not limited to adults, according to Parents magazine. Exercising as a family and ensuring everyone eats healthy meals reduces illness in children and parents. Many children benefit from increasing their sleep time, even if it means moving bedtime earlier for a child who refuses to nap. Parents who smoke can boost their children's immunity by limiting the child's exposure to secondhand smoke, either by quitting or limiting their smoking to outside the house and away from the child.

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