What Are Some Strategies to Relieve Anxiety?


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Strategies to ease anxiety include listening to music; having a massage; practicing yoga, meditation, deep breathing or other relaxation techniques; or talking to a trusted friend, loved one or professional therapist, recommends Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Experts also suggest counting to 10 or 20 slowly and repeating the process, learning to accept that a person cannot control everything, and enjoying a laugh with friends.

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It helps to determine anxiety triggers, such as work or school, by recording moments of anxiety in a journal and identifying patterns, advises Anxiety and Depression Association of America. People suffering anxiety should try to stay optimistic and set realistic goals instead of aspiring for perfection.

Joining volunteer community programs is a good way to focus on fulfilling activities, take a break from daily stress and meet other people, according to Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Online programs led by professionals are available for individuals who want to practice healthy anxiety management.

Getting adequate sleep, reducing caffeine and alcohol intake, and choosing balanced meals help improve anxiety, notes Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Mildly intensive exercise routines and rigorous sessions every week are beneficial for managing anxiety. Experts suggest jogging, walking or biking three to five times weekly for 30 minutes and choosing enjoyable exercises that fit a person's preferences. It also helps to exercise with a buddy and remain consistent with an exercise regimen.

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