What Strategies Are There to Find Other Men Who Want to Date Men?


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From the psychological, such as overcoming the internalized belief that you are unlovable, to the physical, including a willingness to try new things, gay and bisexual men can employ a variety of strategies to successfully meet other men to date. To do so, recognize the self-defeating hurdles that may be in your way, conquer them, and then put yourself out there.

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To find a man to date, reflect on behavioral patterns that are not conducive to the type of relationship you want, ask close friends for honest feedback, and work to stop any self-talk that perpetuates negativity. Many homosexual men have experienced a slew of messages implying that they are unlovable, from physical, emotional and verbal abuse to hostility for an attraction to the same sex. Because of this, they often sabotage relationships by being overly possessive and controlling, and choosing a partner who is not compatible with their needs. If this is your pattern, seeking the help of a therapist may be imperative to successfully finding a man to date.

Another way to find a man to date is to change your routine. Try new hobbies, visit new locales and socialize with new people. By doing so, you are exposed to new possibilities, including a potential partner.

Try to follow the three Fs: fearless, foolish and fun-loving. Approach men whom you are attracted to, let your heart lead you, and let yourself enjoy dating with playful abandon.

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